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No classes Friday, April 18th, 2014, in observance of Good Friday.

No classes Friday, April 18th, 2014, in observance of Good Friday.

No classes Friday, April 18th, 2014, in observance of Good Friday. Another reason to pull out your mat and practice at home! Please note that almost all state and federal holidays are observed at the North Shore Yoga Co-op.
Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22nd

Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22nd

Happy Earth Day!  As yogis, we hope every day you consider what you can give to the Earth and be grateful to what the Earth brings to you!  This Earth Day falls on Tuesday, April 22nd.  Join our regular scheduled classes for a beautiful way to express your gratitude to...
Adjustment Clinic April 19, 2014

Adjustment Clinic April 19, 2014

Saturday April 19, 2014 10-11:30am Weinberg Community Center Hall Build upon your current practice with a session of hands-on adjustments.  Mara J will guide you through warm-ups, standing work and floor work with an emphasis on postural alignment and efficient movement.  Safe and effective guidance through demonstration, verbal cues and...

The North Shore Yoga Co-op is a collaborative effort of 11 dedicated and talented yoga teachers. Each teacher has been trained and certified through an accomplished and recognized yoga school, either through credentialing or apprenticeship. We are here to provide quality Hatha Yoga to people of all ages and abilities, both physically and financially.

We offer multiple styles and teachings so that there is a class for every age and every body! The Co-op embodies the understanding that yoga is a way of life. We are here to support the union of the Individual Consciousness (Atman) with the Divine (Paramatman).  We encourage all students to honor what ever path they may be on (Dharma) and allow their Hatha Yoga practice to support that path.

Visit our Donations page to learn more.

Details to remember:

Drive SLOWLY in the parking lot – there are 2 pre-schools on property, ballet classes and special events.  It is not worth the risk of speeding to yoga.

NO DOGS on property!  (due to owners not cleaning up after their pets)

Come to practice with clean feet.  If this is not possible, there is an outdoor hose for use.