What is Donation-Based Yoga?
A donation is the sacred act of giving. We offer donation-based classes in exchange for the service of yoga teachings. So, that means you let your heart and personal financial situation be your guide as to what you choose to contribute. If you are unable to make a donation in monetary form, please talk to the teacher – there are many other options!

Where Do My Donations Go?
Your donations go directly to your instructor.   The teachers are dedicated to offering yoga to the North Shore community and each instructor contributes a percentage of their donations for coop management and supplies.  This ensures the longevity of the school and would not be possible without your support.

Why Should I Donate?
Your donations are what keep us up and running.  Email us at info@northshoreyoga.org to learn ways to support your yoga community. Let us know if you have a request for a special event or class.

How do I get started?
Simply come to class! Please arrive about 10 minutes early to get situated and sign in with the teacher and inform them if you are pregnant or injured.

Donation Based Yoga on the North Shore, Oahu