Jenelle Higgins

Life has a way of leading you where you need to go, which is exactly how Jenelle came to be a practitioner and teacher of Yoga. Living in Melbourne, Australia at the time and working as a high school teacher, she found herself immersed in a yogic community during her spare time and was soon enrolled into a 200 hour Mindful Yoga teacher training. She was excited to return to her home in Alberta, Canada to share her new knowledge and passion with her friends, family, and students, where she taught for two years.

In 2016, she found herself drawn to the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Oahu and was greeted with a serendipitous opportunity to stay and share her practice.

In class, she aims to guide all levels of yoga practitioners through a series of asana (physical postures); not only for the physical benefits, but also to create a greater awareness of the self, should you seek that in your practice. 
Jenelle looks forward to sharing her love of yoga and continuing her yogic journey with you! Hope to see you on the mat! Namaste.