Sarah Daigle aka SuperNova Sarah

Founder and owner of SuperNova Energetics. Gong Master, Reiki Master, Meditation Guide and Intuitive Wellness Coach. Thousands of hours of sound and energy therapy. Offering Sound Meditations and Gong Yoga classes utilizing Gongs, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls and more. 

It is our divine right to feel empowered, confident and worthy as a human living on this beautiful blue planet! I have a passion for helping people engage more deeply with their own body, hearts and minds to assist in Remembering these truths. 

Through the easiest form of meditation – sound meditation – and the breath, you are immersed into a sensory experience that has the potential to reduce inflammation, dissolve pain, release trapped emotions and lift any heaviness you may be feeling. These sound immersion experiences can also bring about deep rest and rejuvenation, clarity of mind, motivation, creativity and joy. All you have to do is lay back, breathe and be open to receive. 

I feel it is important to know, I have risen from many dark and depressed years of this life through practices like meditation/yoga, plant-based diet and sound therapy. Every time I think about my past, I am constantly reminded of how powerful we are as humans and that we can overcome anything with the right support system. If you are ever feeling depressed/unsupported, please know I see You and welcome you with open arms/open heart. 

No matter where you are at in your life, it is an honor to create a safe space for you to dive deeper into your self-healing, self-discovery and self-creation journey!

Contact Information:
Instagram: @SuperNovaEnergetics
Meetup: Gongs of Aloha