Cab Spates


After exploring Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, France and more, CAB arrived on Oahu in 1994, began studying yoga and found back pain relief from years of surfing. He realized there was much more freedom and accessibility for a fuller life. After studying Iyengar Yoga with Carol Campbell Dudley for 7 years and Tai Chi with Herbert Pong, he chose to pursue a BA in Economics from Old Dominion University as a route to balance. Being functionally present is a challenge in today’s world with the constant of change. When you realize everything is connected, a shift can occur. Yoga has allowed Cab to make that connection and sharing that is his gift. Since 2000, Cab became a licensed Shiatsu therapist, a permaculturalist, and has taken a variety of yoga, meditation, and movement courses. Cab also owns a B&B/yoga retreat center.

Contact Information:
phone: 808-389-2227