Coryna Pido


I discovered yoga soon after giving birth to my son. Four years ago I found myself a single mother. My confidence was low, and the shadows manifested throughout my life; my job, my relationships, my habits. I didn’t know how I would ever make it through those darker times. Serendipitously, my yoga practice began exactly when I needed it most. I learned how to take what I experience on the mat and use it as a tool to grow. My yoga practice provided me a space to feel supported and connect to a community of likeminded individuals who helped lift me even higher. This is what I bring to my classes: a safe space to heal. The depth of a challenging physical practice as well as a better understanding of ourselves. Of our capabilities. And of our connection to each other. A better understanding of how to use our darkness as a tool to grow and our light to help brighten the way for others.