Haley Toon


I found my heart invested in the practice of yoga at a very young age. As a freshman in high school, I stumbled upon yoga as an experimental physical education class in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the last 10 years, I have continued my passion and studying of the practice in California, Colorado, Utah and now Hawaii. Always wanting to be a certified instructor, but never feeling like I had found the right person to learn from, at the least expected time I finally came across a training I felt confident about only two years ago. While living in northwest Colorado, in a very small town I studied Vinyasa Yoga with Jill Lawson, finally completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training.

My yoga journey has been a beautiful path that I want to share with all those who are seeking their own. Yoga has unveiled many truths to myself, as well as bring healing to my stubborn back I thought I would always just have to live with. In my classes you can expect a slow start eventually working up to some heat and balance experiments, then finally slowing back down for a relaxed ending and an even more relaxing finishing meditation. If you’re looking for an all-levels, playful class with good music and good vibes, I’ll be pleased to see you soon!