Paula Reyes


Paula Reyes has always been fascinated by bodies and movement.  At age 5 she started training as a ballet dancer and carries this dynamic background into her yoga teaching and own yoga practice.

Paula took her first yoga class in 2008 at Yoga to the People on St. Mark’s Place in New York City, which felt to her like coming home.  Since then she has become intrigued by the happiness and every other sensation that would bubble up into the surface during and after practice, and has learned to honor the experience.  She considers this experience as a gift and has made it her duty to share it with as many people who are open to receive it as possible.

She received her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Vinyasa Yoga Certification with Yoga to the People in May 2010, and matured as a teacher and a yoga studio manager at different YttP studio locations in New York City under the guidance of Lindsay Dombrowski, Emalia Ross Dawson and Nikki Carter.

In November 2016, she completed an additional 300 hours of training with Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini at Maya Yoga in Maui, during which she became reacquainted with her body’s strengths and capabilities by working intimately and learning from her own injuries. This training reaffirmed her core belief: you are your own best teacher. She hopes to keep guiding students to realize their own strengths and capabilities, and cultivate their unique yoga lifestyle practice.


Instagram: @paulerbear